​​Weekly Devotional


“Though the Lord gave you adversity for food and suffering for drink, He will still be with you to teach you.” (Isaiah 30:20)

Everyone experiences adversity. No person is exempt from its reach. Trouble shows up daily and comes in different shapes and sizes, including hardship, difficulty, misery, calamity, and outright failure. It can masquerade as a small setback, medium-sized obstacle, or heavy burden caused by significant misfortune. This message reflects on Isaiah 30:20 and God’s purpose for adversity.

Adversity Teaches Us

Our natural inclinations, when in adverse situations, are to complain about the situation, blame others for the difficulty, or get angry at our inability to control the situation. Sometimes, we act as if nothing has happened and deny that the adversity exists, or give up, become discouraged and run from the problem.

Even so, we fail initially to understand that adversity can teach us some precious lessons for navigating life. Isaiah 30:20 tells us that God uses adversity to teach us how to live His way. Each step we take through a trial or difficulty according to His Purpose, and Will helps us to grow and mature in Him. We learn to depend on Him for everything and begin to understand that adverse situations are “blessings in disguise” that increase our faith and develop courage, determination, and Godly character.

Even though harsh conditions are painful, we can remain confident and optimistic that God is always in control of us as well as the situation. We learn that what matters is not the events or the difficult people we endure during troubled times. It is the things we learn from God as we suffer that have life-changing and eternal impact.

May the words of this message urge you to surrender to God’s teaching as you suffer and experience adversity.

Heavenly Father, Make me mindful of the lessons You teach me during life’s adversities so that I will not have to learn them over and over again.