Immanuel Baptist Church

​​​​Weekly Devotional

How Blessed!
Psalm 84:1-12

How blessed we are, that we get to dwell in God! He has invited us to abide in Him, to take rest in Him. He has given us peace. He has led us to a place where we can put our faith in Him, no matter what is going on in the world around us. While the storms of politics and culture rage around us, we can be calm, knowing that we are His tabernacle, and we are in His hands.

How blessed we are, that we get to be a blessing to others! God has provided for our every need according to His riches. He has given us more than our share, that we might share it with others, to show others just how rich in mercy and love our God is. And what joy we have then when they join us on our pilgrimage through this life, knowing we are traveling toward our destination in God.

How blessed we are, that we are protected by the One over all! He who created all things, who knows each man's heart and mind, so that nothing is new to Him, He is the one who is our strength and shield, who allows us to stand when pressed on all sides by man or spirit. There is no place that can take us out of His sight and care, no power that can take us out of His hand.

How blessed we are!

Father, how blessed we are that you are our Father, that you have adopted us as your children. Help us to see the blessings in our life, to find peace in your presence, to shelter in your protection, and to be able to use those blessings to draw others to you. In Jesus' name, amen